Apache Junction AZ  Roofing Repair and Maintenance

Roof RemodelsThe majority of the time your home’s roof is ignored until there is a leak or the home is losing heat. If your home is over ten years old you may want to consider buying a new roof.  Most of the older style roofs will not last much longer than ten to fifteen years. Regardless of how old the roof is it is a wise decision to have a routine inspection and maintenance check done periodically to prevent major leaks and emergencies. Even new roofs must be maintained in order to keep them like the day they were installed. So if your roof is old or brand new, please call Apache Junction roofing company today for an inspection and maintenance check.

The first thought that comes into a business or homeowner’s mind when faced with the decision to buy a new roof is the cost. Rarely do people consider that a new roof can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the roof. With all the new efficient roofing materials available today, purchasing a new roof will not drain your pocketbook, but fill it over time.

Energy Efficient Roofs

If you have decided to install an energy efficient roof on your home or business we have the perfect roof for you. A traditional roof soaks in the sunlight and raises the temperature on your to 100 degrees above the real temperature. Reflective roofing keeps your cooling bills down because it directs the sunlight away from the building. This type of roof can save you over 20% on your electric bill. Reflective roofs will also last longer than roofs without protection. Solar roofs will conserve energy and save a lot of money on your energy bill. Other options include PV and vegetative roofing. Each one is unique, and will make your home more attractive while saving you money. A Apache Junction roofer can give you all the details when you call.


Crediblity Counts


When you call a Apache Junction roofer we will evaluate the situation and discuss what the best solution to the problem is. We never force you to do anything. We simply provide you with the facts and the ultimate decision is yours. We are your neighborhood roofing company. We live, and work with the people in the community. Our goal is to keep our customers, safe, healthy, and dry.

In addition to energy savings the government is offering certain incentives for people to switch to more efficient roofing materials



Green Roofing

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